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What Problem Do We Solve?


Food delivery is growing so why not dessert?  We saw this an opportunity to offer indulgent sweets baked from scratch that lend a feeling of nostalgia, delivered fresh & beautiful to your door.

Why Sweets?


Once you've made the decision to enjoy something sweet, you will taste the difference in

high-quality flavors baked with organic ingredients and no artificial ingredients. 

Recipes for happiness include classic favorites baked in small batches using ingredients that include

sea-salt, brown butter, dark chocolate cacao, sweet & spicy combinations or fresh citrus zests.



People want to know where their food comes from. We are transparent in listing our ingredients that are seasonal to take flavor sensations to a new level.

Gardner Sweets packages or catered trays can be customized to your favorites. Shipped kindness includes a handwritten note with your personal sentiment. 

Our distinctive package is both elegant & environmentally responsible. We help leave a great impression while demonstrating a commitment to "less is more" in sustainable practices. 

How Are Products Delivered?


We ship USP Ground Monday - Wednesday for optimal freshness. Prices include shipping. Overnight or air express delivery is available for an added fee.  

What's Our promise?

If you are not completely satisfied with GARDNER SWEETS®, kindly let us know. We promise to get it right!

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